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HIPAA: Privacy Can Be Fun!

HIPAA - for some it's a headache, but for most it is a mystery. Is our practice following the Rules? How can we tighten information security? What is essential, and what is a "should", as it applies to the rules? Learn all about HIPAA, what it covers, critical steps that must be taken, and common errors we find in consulting. Discover the mistakes of others, so you don't repeat them! Leave this class with actionable steps to make your patient private health information (PHI) ironclad and safe within your practice, plus keep your team informed and capable of handling sensitive data.

Scheduling To Goal In The Dental Office

The most important commodity in your dental practice is your time. How can you be successful in modern practice if you don't closely manage how it is spent? The answer is simple - you can't! Learn how to effectively manage your schedule in both the operative and hygiene departments, so you can start on time, stay on time, and get out on time; plus skyrocket your profitability through selective scheduling. This training is a MUST for your Scheduling and/or Hygiene Coordinator, and a big help for you as a Dentist to ensure the right priority is given to your own columns. Get started today!

What's Up With Your Fees?

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