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What's Included?


Hiring a Coach is an investment in your business.    Click to see our contract.

We continuously study the return on investment that our clients receive in exchange for their trust.

Unlike many consulting firms, we structure our training and development to match the specific needs of each client.


We do not have a set program or an insistence that items can only be implemented in a certain order. 


You'll receive:

Two, two-day non-consecutive in-office coaching sessions with Angie Skinner, Doctor(s) and Team including a comprehensive fee survey from Dr. Udell Webb and our Financial Agreement System. Travel arrangements will be invoiced separately and coordinated by PDC. The Coach may elect more frequent visits, based on client needs. These will be coordinated in advance. The Coach also reserves the right to pop visits, scheduled Zoom training with staff members, or other training as needed.

Two, 45-minute doctor calls per month. If preferred we can work with/through practice management personnel - your office or operations manager through conversation, email, and teleconference, provided the doctor(s) will act on initiatives. More frequent calls may be requested during onboarding, hiring , or problem-solving phases of work. 

Human Resources support including:

  • Our eight-step "Hiring For Success" program which will ensure you layer the most qualified and behaviorally compatible employees into your practice. We will write and place ads, screen applicants, assess and provide background checks and references for each applicant. Client will be billed separately for ad expenses.

  • Recruiting and training of team members (regardless of position) including Associate Dentists or Locum Tenens Dentists

  • DISC Assessments for all team members; additional Team assessment to highlight present skills

  • Mediating serious discussions or asking for improved performance with documentation

  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence in your team and setting up systems for improved teamwork and cooperation

  • Clinical efficiency review and training

  • Office manual creation or edits as requested

  • Software training, deployment or upgrade management

Accounts Receivables or Reimbursement support

  • Insurance review and claims management

  • System clean-up or collections systems modification

  • Bookkeeping support as needed

Credentialing for new locations or providers, as requested. This includes:

  • Initial information gathering and accuracy review of provider verifiable history

  • Exhaustive review of all insurance lines and subsidiaries to have a full roster of applicable companies

  • Application completion and submission

  • Spreadsheet monitoring for all applications and approvals

  • Weekly delivery of updates, milestones, challenges, and successes in written form

  • All contracts followed through to completion


  • Logo, printed materials, including NP forms, and website reviewed as needed to drive business

  • Logo and collateral design as needed. This service includes up to 15 designs and unlimited revisions

  • Web design, including stock photos, descriptive text and the placement and identification of your own office photos. Hosting and domain costs are the responsibility of the Client. If you already have a website, updates are available, dependent on the program in which your site was created

  • Social media startup and/or weekly placement

  • Design and placement of all print advertisement. During the contract period PDC will create a full line of print ads, brochure, practice flier and any other marketing items necessary for the promotion of the Client's practice. These designs are owned by the Client and used as appropriate. PDC reserves the right to use any design created in our portfolio of work.

  • Exterior sign design, bids and scheduled placement, coordinated by our team

  • Telephone training, for administrators handling inbound phone calls from marketing efforts

  • Marketing systems and processes are structured so the Client receives the greatest return on investment. The speed and extent of external marketing initiative rollout will be controlled by the Client. The client is responsible for all printing, reproduction and postage costs. Written approval of all pieces is required before going to print. Once approval has been given, errors on the part of any third party printer or advertiser are not the responsibility of PDC.

Ready to love your practice again? We like to make things as simple as possible - the checklist below has the necessary documents we need from you to get started.

Performance Dental Coaching

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