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If you’re a dentist, you probably sailed out of dental school with a big plan: you were going to run a successful dental practice, have a good balance of work and family time, and retire in comfort. A few years into practice, you probably found that running a business – especially a dental practice - is a lot harder than you thought it was going to be. Systems, once implemented, are abandoned. Employees lack ownership in the success of the practice. Ownership itself is less than glamorous. In fact, it’s overwhelming. Sound familiar?

How would it feel to love your practice again? To know that systems, communication, teamwork and protocols are in place? To see real profit? Coaching is the best and fastest way to realize your goals. It certainly requires effort on your part, but the outcome will far exceed your individual input. If you’d like your practice and your team to drastically improve, and if you’d like to see results that match your dreams; please call us today.


Performance Dental Coaching | Angie Skinner is a dental coach, trainer, speaker and author.