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Coaching Packages

  • Virtual Coaching Program

    Every month
    Zoom, FaceTime, or Telephone Coaching to Fit Your Busy Practice
    Valid for 6 months
    • Flexible Training; Solution Based Coaching
    • Comprehensive Practice Analysis of every office protocol
    • 2 Monthly 1 Hour Virtual Meetings with You and your Team
    • Continuing Education Credits Available for Some Training
    • Use These Meetings to Problem-Solve, Train, or Plan
    • Love Your Practice Again!
  • Comprehensive Consulting Package

    Every month
    Skyrocket Your Profitability
    Valid for 12 months
    • Customized Coaching for Your Dental Practice
    • Weekly Virtual meetings, 4 Days of In Person Training
    • Specific Team Training, Customized Forms, Office Manual
    • Custom Practice Marketing for New Patient Acquisition
    • Our *Hiring For Success* program, with skills/fit testing
    • Continuing Education Credits Available for Some Training
  • Customized Dental Forms

    The Absolute BEST, Most Effective Forms for Your Practice
    • New Patient Induction and HIPAA forms
    • Our Court-worthy, A/R Saving Financial Agreement Form
    • Custom Office Manual; Simplify Communication with your Team
    • Training Checklists and Job Descriptions
    • Highly Effective Letters to Mail or Email
    • Our Fool-Proof Insurance Opt-Out Protocol
    • One Hour of Form Implementation Training
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