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Performance Dental Coaching

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Dental coach Angie Skinner
Dental coaching is a team effort
Love your dental practice again
Let us move your team forward
Dental coaching your team to winning
Our goal is for you to love your dental practice
Dental coaching is about putting the pieces together
Dental coaching is about team work

Our team exists to do ONE thing:    Make yours the best it can be.


WE COACH. WE DO NOT CONSULT. A consultant visits your office for a day of training and then kisses you goodbye at the airport. You might get a manual. A coach follows-up continually to be certain that what was trained is implemented. Coaching is about action. You deserve a coach and it will show up in your collections column.




THE RIGHT TOOLS MAKE THE JOB. Our team will provide you with everything you need to make your practice profitable including tracking spreadsheets, scripts, forms, a rock-solid financial agreement, employee development materials, an employee manual, an administrative training manual, and a series of customizable letters for everything from collections to reactivation to patient contact. 


TRAINING IS ESSENTIAL. However, we don't force you into a pre-set regimen. Your training is specific to your individual practice needs. Observation occurs before training is implemented. Follow-up training is both expected and encouraged. It's how you become great. 




WHOEVER MARKETS THE BEST WINS. We'll help shepherd the new patient acquisition process so you can showcase your brand with confidence. This includes logo creation, marketing material development, website updates and/or website creation, social media management, blogging, direct mail design and a host of other options. All included, of course. 



Hiring Support:

THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WHO WORKS WITH YOU. Amazing employees = outstanding practices. Did you lose sight of that along the way? Our proven eight-step hiring process weeds out undesirable candidates, maps the right person for the job and delivers qualified applicants, so you can stop crisis hiring/poor placement choices. The right person is out there. Let's go and find them. 

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